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You have never seen such purity! Snow-white bath for 5 minutes.

This recipe for cleaning the bath will turn your head. Just think: no more expensive cleaning products are needed, it is not worth spending a lot of time trying to clean up annoying spots. It is enough just to apply the wonderful mixture to the surface of the bath and leave it for half an hour. The result will exceed all your highest expectations!
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Charming decor from the usual pistachio shell

If you sometimes like to click on salty pistachios that fly away faster than seeds, then the mountain of shell is not a new phenomenon. Usually, it is immediately sent to the garbage as unnecessary, although you can still make a lot of wonderful crafts out of junk material! For example, such a tender and weightless pistachio vase is a real miracle of craftsmanship: To make a pistachio vase, you should prepare: a pistachio shell (washed from salt and dried); glue (preferably one that becomes transparent when dried); Scotch; form (vase, bottle, etc.)
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Kulich "Kraffin". It turns out just a masterpiece!

Ingredients: Flour - 350 Grams Fresh Yeast (Tasty with Dr. Oetker) - 20 Grams (or dry 7 g) Milk - 110 Milliliters Sugar - 80 Grams Salt - 1/2 Teaspoons Egg - 1 Piece Egg Yolk - 2 Pieces Butter - 40 Grams (melted) Butter - 120 Grams (for lubrication) Nutmeg - 1 Teaspoon (ground) Dried Cranberries - 200 Grams (or raisins) Almond petals - 100 Grams (or any ground nuts) Vanilla sugar (Tasteful with Dr .
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Floral print for an evening look: the most beautiful dresses

Unique floral prints have won the hearts of fashionistas around the world. Long dresses with a scattering of colors of various shades are worn day and night. Evening dresses in 2018 fascinate riot of colors. Floral patterns are perfectly combined with heavy satin, lace and sophisticated dress cut. Bright flowers on a light background. Bright skirt with a monotonous top. Mermaid Tail Dress. Bright saturated colors.
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