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23 cases when the day did not ask in the morning

In each person's life, there are situations where it seems that the day has not set itself since the morning - hit the little finger on the bed frame, burned hot coffee or smashed your favorite vase. However, do not worry! There are "lucky", whose failures are much bigger and bigger! I decided to try a new pizza delivery. I bought a chair in the living room. Just a strong wind that blew not only the tree, but also a part of the lawn. That's right, burger with cheese!
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Health and beauty

Gentle manicure: 20 cool ideas

All women know that beauty begins with well-groomed and beautiful hands. The main decoration on them, of course, are the nails. Despite the fact that today there are 1000 and 1 ways to decorate nails, tenderness and femininity will always be in trend. Gentle manicure is suitable not only for autumn walks in the park, but also for a festive event.
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How to tie a warm and cozy cardigan "Lalo"

Cardigans "Lalo" at the peak of its popularity. There are several options for knitting this stylish and fashionable product: 1. The effect of "Shar Pei", folding, which is created thanks to a large number of volume braids. 2. "Chinchilla" or "Asian cone" - a novelty of the current season. We invite everyone to connect the second version of this wonderful cardigan - SHINCHILLA.
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