How to tie a hat with Ears or Cat Hat - Do it yourself

The author: Ksenia Trubnikova

I will tell you how I knitted a Cat hat. When knitting this hat, I ran into a problem, I tried to knit ears in different ways, but I didn’t like them. Therefore, I decided to make a small master class. So, let's begin!

For knitting hats, we will need Bamboo Wool yarn (48% merino wool, 10% bamboo, 42% acrylic 500 m, 100 g), 1.5 skeins of gray and a little pink color, as well as white and black yarn for decoration (I have Jarn Art Lily white (100% cotton, 50gr-225m) and Yarn Art Etamin black (100% acrylic, 30gr-180m). Fabric for lining - fleece - in tune to our hat. Hooks №2, №2,5 and needle with blunt end for sewing parts.

We begin to knit a cap in pink color, a thread in 2 additions, a hook No. 2.5 according to this scheme. On a head circumference of 50-52 cm, we knit a circle with a diameter of 16-17 cm (I only made 108 stb). To determine the diameter of the bottom, we take the girth of the head (circumference), divide by the number Pi (3.14) and subtract 1-1.5 cm. This will be the required diameter of the circle of our cap, after which we cease to increase and knit vertically. But in order that the cap better lay on the head, many masters recommend the last two rows necessary to achieve the desired diameter, alternate with rows without increases. What I did in my hat! Next, we knit in a circle without increments, I have 15 cm. Then we knit 4 rows alternating 2 convex embossed stsn and 2 ordinary stsn. Thus, we get a total of 18 cm. We tie the ears to the cap. The total number of loops along the circumference is divided into 5 parts, one is left for the back, two for the front and one for the ears. I got 22 loops. This time I diminished in each row one loop on each side. I got 12 rows. Do not rush to tie a hat stbn,

7 we still need to sew a fleece lining! But it will be a little later.

All the components of the muzzle knit for this description.

There is no photo of the process, because I was knitting at night (I don’t like to take a picture by the light of a lamp). This is our face, only there are no points on the cheeks, I made them at the very end.
The size of the eyes.

The size of the nose.

Antennae (after each antenna, we make a small knot on the wrong side, so that when we touch the thread, it will not jump out of the cap).

The length of the cheeks.

Begin to knit ears as a thread in 2 addition. The steps are described in detail here (I think everything is very clear).

The front of the ear (not ironed).

The back of the ear (not ironed).

Ear size (length).

Ear size (height).

Here such blanks ears we get.

We sew the ears to the cap by the leg of the loops of the last row. I sewed straight on the fold of the cap folded. This photo shows everything.

Then we sew a lining, we tie a hat with stbn and ruffles, we attach ties, we press it ... and voila))) our Cat-Cap is ready!

With a bow also looks good.

Thank you all for your attention! I think this article will be useful and interesting for you. If someone knits a hat in my master class, add photos in the comments, it will be very interesting for me to look at your creations.