8 examples of yesterday's bad taste, which today are again in trend

That fashion already a dozen years wanders in a circleYou probably noticed. Either the elegant 60s and the crazy trends of the 80s rush into the catwalks and streets of all the cities of the world, forcing fashionistas to kopyrs in closets of mothers and grandmothers.

Why are there! Just yesterday crazy 90s style Designers called solid tastelessness, and today “malvinki”, grunge and lipstick of dark shades are considered fashion. How to understand its legislators? You can break your head.

Antitrands that are back in fashion

1. Socks with sandals
Ladies so fiercely criticized men for a terrifying duet that they decided to dress themselves in a proper manner. Probably to fit your second half? Sports socks and sandals - this is for the most courageous. Another fashionistas choose black or translucent with Lurex.

2. Sneakers with skirts and dresses
Here you need to be extremely careful and carefully select the right combination. And then you can dress up really strangely! It is worth choosing non-standard models of shoes that are not intended for training. And under the evening dress still better to shod the shoes, and not bright green sneakers.

3. Birkenstocks
Male-style slippers became a bright trend a year ago. Now women of fashion do not climb out of them! Convenient and stylish.

4. Logos
At zero, we have already passed. Designers managed to criticize, and we - to hide away things with the inscriptions Armani or Kelvin Klein. And now Kenzo and Moschino again offer us to wear logos sweatshirts.

5. Image in all colors of the rainbow
Bag, scarf, shoes - all in one tone! No, now you can create a unique image, not adhering to strict rules. Eclecticism and experiments are the rule of 2016.

6. Overhead hangers
So 10 years ago, it was even scary for you to look at the jacket of my mother's youth with huge shoulders. And now you regret bitterly that you threw away such a valuable and fashionable thing!

7. Rubber shoes
Once you were in rubber boots only with your dad you could go fishing or into the woods. And then the madness began, and all global brands began to actively produce these shoes.

8. Boyfriend Clothing
Shirts, jeans and any other clothes "not on the shoulder" are now on every second lady. Girls are able to steal from their boyfriend their favorite pair of jeans pants to be the most fashionable!

If you’ve already come close to your boyfriend’s jeans, you’ll still have to get used to the socks with sandals. In any case, stay yourself! And then you know how it happens: you decide to look at the pictures of 7 years ago, and quickly get them from the far shelf, with a sense of shame, you hide it back.

Outfits and hairstyles in the 2000s there were all sorts, but now it's scary to remember. God forbid artificial colored strands or square service jacket back in fashion again! Share it trends of today with girlfriends.