Brilliant tricksters who deserve 5+ for ingenuity!

Cheating is bad. However, in everything you can find something good. Making cheat sheets is like taking notes. And since you take notes, you still somehow prepare for the exam. Moreover, you will need a huge amount of ingenuity, which often helps a lot more in life than the subject in which you make a cheat sheet. Today we have prepared this list of resourceful deceivers, who may, we emphasize, perhaps, deserve a good rating for their ingenuity. What do you think of it?

The best way to get the right information.

My teacher said that I can only use one sheet of paper.

Transition to a higher level

New level of cheat sheets

What you need for the exam, at your fingertips

I live in Guatemala, and it was on the other side of the street opposite the school window. This is one type of cheat sheet.

Write off level: expert

Ring of knowledge

Special watch for cheating

Impressive nail design