For the House and Cottages

A man lives with his wife and three children on a school bus.

Three years ago, Brian and Starla Sullivan from Renton, Washington, were tired of paying for an incredibly high rent. At first, Brian thought Starla was joking when she shared an idea: move the whole family to the school bus. But soon this idea came to life, demanding $ 2,800!

They moved there with three children: Charlie (3 years), Henry (2 years) and Lincoln (3 months).

And they did not embarrass the fact that they lived in a vehicle!

A little work and hard work - and everything was ready. I put the kitchen and even a fireplace!

Starla, naturally, wanted all her family members to live in appropriate comfort and coziness. Naturally, the toilet had to be inside the cabin!

The most striking thing about this story is that the rent fell from $ 1,500 to $ 500!

Not only more space, but less pay!

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