The husband did not know how to draw, but he made an excellent picture for his wife. Amazing idea!

Posted by: jstre1

I used the photo you see below as the source image.

Then I came to the aid of Photoshop, in which the image was processed, as well as a special program that made it possible to divide the image into many segments.

After that, to make it easier to navigate, I numbered each individual segment of the image and designed how the overall picture will look on two sheets of paper. As a basis for the picture, I prepared a sheet of plywood, purchased at a local hardware store, as it should be polished.

Unfortunately, the printed picture did not fit on it, and several segments had to be removed.

At the next stage, we had to cut the pieces and carefully glue them onto a sheet of plywood. To do this, you can use a glue stick, rather sticky, but allowing you to easily remove the paper after the parts are cut out of wood. In total, it turned out 146 pieces.

The processing of individual parts takes a very long time, as an exact fit is required.

So half the job is done!

All parts must be thoroughly wiped with a cloth, removing dust from them. Then coat the base with paint and check for any stains. Apply only one layer, then wipe the plywood. Put all the pieces together to make a complete image.

First, attach them to the plywood without glue to see how they look, and whether it is necessary to make adjustments. For example, after that I decided to arrange plywood horizontally, since I liked this option more than the vertical one. If all is well, proceed to sticking pieces.

Start drawing! By the way, I have never tried to mix colors before, and I had to learn literally on the fly.

It’s not that the colors fit the pattern perfectly, but at least they contrasted enough with each other to convey the image.

As it turned out, when I painted, some people managed to steal a piece and chew it a little. I was very upset ... Who would have thought that after the completion of the project This item will be my favorite part of the picture!

The painted pieces are glued together, and a holistic image is formed from them. Look, it's done, all the details are here!

Now we have to work on the frame. These are maple boards from the old floor, which I got from my grandfather. He pulled them out of the old burnt house.

I cut the maple into strips, joined and fastened as a frame.

The final touch is to cover the picture with urethane varnish and let it dry. I applied several coats of lacquer, maybe 6 or 8.
And here is the final result!

Seem to be?

The end result of the work. Happy Birthday!