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Retro-style kitchen: at the crossroads of times

Fashion is cyclical. Especially bright trends and memorable trends sooner or later come into fashion again. What seems obsolete today may become ultramodern in 10-20 years. It happened with retro-style kitchens, very much loved by both interior designers and their customers.

We have selected for you 50 gorgeous photos. See for yourself how pieces of furniture, appliances and even patterns gain new life, transforming even the simplest interiors.

Many people often wonder how the notions of "retro" and "vintage" differ from each other. The truth is that the boundary between these two concepts is rather blurred, and they are often used as synonyms. The difference is that any piece of furniture, and indeed any thing older than 20-30 years, becomes vintage. A "retro" is often used in relation to those things that reproduce the design of fashionable items decades ago.

For example, a paunchy refrigerator, which seemed to be a minute ago when a long-haired hippie looked in orange flared trousers, or an elegant plate on curved legs, next to which it is so easy to imagine an American housewife of the 50s ... Household appliances that unite the charm of past and technical achievements of the XXI century - here it is, retro in all its glory.

Retro style kitchens come in two different flavors. The first is a romantic kitchen full of decorated cabinets and flowered curtains. A brick wall or a fireplace (even a decorative one) will fill the room with even greater comfort. The color scheme is pastel: light blue, light green, white, pink. As a contrast, you can use red.

The second version of the kitchen in retro style is a combination of dark and light colors, smooth cabinets facades. A typical element here will be a carpet with an interesting pattern, pictures on the walls creating a stylish interior. The color range primarily includes various shades of wood - from brown to beige, in combination with white and black; using a rich red color creates a design built on the contrast. The flooring is light and glossy. Materials such as marble and wood are used extensively.

Did you decide to go to the kitchen in retro style? Do not think that this is associated with high monetary costs! Buy kitchen cabinets with smooth facades, lay retro carpet as an accent, hang pictures on the walls. Curtains that color rhyme with the decor, will be a good addition to the interior. Do you already have old cabinets? Fine! Refresh them with pink or pastel green and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Retro style with neutral colors

Kitchen with retro flavor

Open shelves are a typical element of the retro-kitchen

Vintage dishes

White color radiates calm

Easy to recognize elements of the 50s and 60s

Wood gives the kitchen a feeling of warmth and comfort

Bright stool covers attract the eye

Small corner kitchen in retro style

Blue, brown, gray, white - bright colors for retro cuisine