20 puppies on their first day of work that will make your day


Let the cute appearance of puppies in the photo does not deceive you, these dogs perform an important mission.
Mainly, service dogs are in demand in the police, in the army, in fire departments, as guide dogs, and to help physicians, including for dog therapy. Sheep-dogs, for example, have established themselves as excellent shepherds, thanks to good mental abilities and ease of training.
The sense of smell of a service dog is 50 times more sensitive than a human dog, which allows four-legged firefighters to respond to smoke. Dog handlers using a service dog can find a source of ignition, which is very important in the case of arson. Sometimes, it is the dog that finds important clues that indicate the cause of the fire.
Police dogs smell drugs, explosives, as well as find hidden things and missing people.
Puppy vests are not just a fun outfit, but a real uniform. This is a kind of "uniform", which is designed to inform passers-by that the dog is in attendance. You should not try to feed such a dog, or interact with it in some other way - even a very small animal is busy with serious work. Or, for the time being, he is just learning to fulfill his duties, which is no less important.

No. 1 Dog named Tuko for the first time trying on a service vest

№ 2 Future guide dog with his teddy bear

No. 3 This puppy helper still needs help.

№4 As a future guide dog, a puppy named Teddy must learn to wear special equipment.

No. 5 Again the first fitting of the vest

Number 6 And this kid could win in the nomination "the cutest service dog"

№7 It seems that the puppy was given someone else's uniform for training.

No.8 One day he will become a formidable police dog.

No. 9 Training for a service dog is very important!

№ 10 First day of work in the police service.

№ 11 Puppy named Mo on the first day of the Manchester police service

№ 12 A service dog needs a rest in training. The gym workers carefully protected the baby with special cones so that no one could disturb him.

Number 13 Before you start learning, it would not be bad to learn to read.

No. 14 This baby will undoubtedly become a real thunderstorm for criminals.

No. 15 The work of service dogs is sometimes very tiring.

No. 16. The kid proudly wears a uniform.

Number 17 Having received such a handsome one, I immediately want to take a picture with him.

Number 18 And this police dog is only two months old

№ 19 New Deputy Sheriff

№ 20 Working weekday working dogs