Angles decide everything! 11 pictures, after which you will stop believing the photo on the Internet

Vivat, Internet - Internet, vivat! So we say, because if it were not, you would not be able to read this exciting article. The Internet, of course, taught you a lot, including not to trust what you saw. God only knows what is actually hidden behind a photograph. And you are absolutely right!

Constance Hall, a 32-year-old enthusiast from the city of Perth, posted a couple of selfies on Facebook that she made a few seconds apart. Apparently, the result struck her deeply, since she wrote about it. In the comments, she pointed out that absolutely everything affects the photo: color, light, posture, and filters. Understandably! Perhaps this would have ended everything, but her friends picked up the baton of successful-unsuccessful angles.

This woman clearly demonstrates how to hide weight problems using the correct angle.

But the girl Carol took a selfie in the subway. The difference is a few seconds.

Sharon did just that: she took a photo from the bottom up, and then from the top down, and under what came out, she wrote: "Now I know how to remove advertising for all wrinkle creams!"

And this girl showed how her unhappy look worsens her, her hair is tousled and her pose is unsuccessful.

It was enough just to turn the phone to the side. To the light did not fall.

From skinny to bbw just one selfie!

Here's another bbw.

Where do without the "perfect belly"? Look what he really is.

It's great that people are not shy about showing what they really are. Admit it, it is terribly unpleasant when a real crocodile suddenly comes to the first date. The view does not take with you, as you will not wear a hat. Therefore, once again we remind you - do not believe anything! And if you forgot, look at this collection again and do not forget to share it with friends.