Autumn interior decor. Create a wreath with textile pumpkins


Author: Albina Sharonova.

Add warmth, comfort, bright autumn colors to the interior, we will create an "Autumn wreath with textile pumpkins."

The main focus of our wreath will be colorful bright pumpkins, so we make the base wreath in a neutral gamut of burlap and complement it with different floral decorations and ribbons in a warm, slightly muted crimson gamut. When selecting fabrics, we take inspiration from photos, stock up on a good mood, turn on your favorite music, and proceed.

We will need materials:

  • warp base made of foam plastic, 25 cm, sacking tape, 6 * 200 cm;
  • various scraps of fabric in the autumn range, 10 * 10 cm, pattern paper, hollofiber filler;
  • green felt 7 * 7cm;
  • floss threads, yellow, green, beige-yellow, brown threads 40;
  • cotton lace, width 5 * 20 and 6 * 40 cm;
  • spikelets, twigs, various floral decorations and ribbons in warm autumn colors;
  • floral wire thin green; floral ribbon green;

Tools: scissors, pliers, hot gun, needles, ruler.

We decorate the basis with a wreath with burlap. The base of the foam can be found here at the Fair of the Masters or in large hand-made hypermarkets, for decoration I use ready-made burlap tape, can be found in hardware stores or cut into pieces from the canvas.

Behind it with hot glue and wrapped with a small overlap, in several places we glue it.

Fabrics boldly select different textures and compositions.

We transfer the pattern to the fabric, I use a simple pencil, cut out without allowances and sweep over the edge, departing from the edge of 0.4-0.5 cm, a stitch of about 4-5 mm. We will need 7 tykovok, but it is better to do it with a margin, 8-9, so that you can experiment:

  • 1 PC. - 12 cm, yellow mustard;
  • 5 pieces. - 9 cm, khaki, brick, mustard, beige, light striped, beige and burgundy patterns;
  • 1 PC. - 7 cm, beige and maroon patterns.

Having swept along the edge, we do not fully finish it, evenly smooth the folds and fill it with a filler, which is not very tight, such baskets are obtained.

Next, we tighten, we continue to fill, we help ourselves with our fingers and any habitual wand, in working with a very dense fabric (I have suede) we pay attention to large folds, push them apart with a wand and fill them. In dense tissue, it is not necessary to fully tighten, you can leave a small hole.

After suede to work with knitwear just a song 🙂

This is what we get at this stage.

We have pumpkins on the wreath, the largest and brightest should be in the center of the line, then in descending order, we try, change and try again 🙂

Next, form the slices using floss.

That's what we get. Next, cut out randomly from felt circles:

  • about 1 cm - 7 pcs., for the top;
  • about 2 cm - 7 pcs., for the bottom.

Glue the bottom circles with hot glue.

Next we create the tops with the stem, this is the most laborious of all the processes, here I am very lucky 🙂 Found in myself the remnants of artificial stems from vintage roses, ideal for our pumpkins, which you will not find in your bins, just not to work ре Crop, form.

If this is absent, we create the stalks themselves from floristic wire and ribbon, it is better to use light green, the formed stalk of wire is wrapped in several layers with tape and, if necessary, bleached with white acrylic paint.

Next, we put on the bottom tip of the finished stem, a billet of 1 cm of felt, drip hot glue and fix on the pumpkin, firmly pressing for a few seconds.

Ta-dam! Pumpkin ready! Lay them on the wreath and fix with hot glue. We distribute the spikelets and dry decor, we also spread them out from the center of our composition (yellow pumpkin) to the edge as the size of the spikelets decreases, as seen in the photo.

Then we create a bow-pendant from laces; on the back of the ready-made bow with hot glue, we attach a loop for hanging from a jute rope, in two layers.

Next, sew a bow to the lace pendant.

Be sure to flush through.

Then fix the spikelets and floral decorations with glue and hang a wreath.

I wanted to add lightness to our wreath, or windiness, rather romance :) From raffia of natural color we form random bows and glue on the bottom of the pumpkins line, to the same pair of light branches and a bow of shebbie ribbons.

We create a packaging kraft package from rolled kraft paper, the process is described here in detail >> and a postcard with a wish, we use the remains of jute tape and dry decor.

Wreath is ready! Photos of work on various backgrounds.

Filled with heat and sunlight, made with great love, pumpkins will add autumn comfort, warmth and originality to the interior. Hanging on the door, we will scare away unkind forces. Pumpkins can be used as needle cases, brooches, in flower arrangements, for the decoration of boxes and baskets.

Thank you very much for your attention! All good, inspiration, fulfillment of conceived desires!