How to decorate the house for the New Year: making transparent snowflakes

Home decoration for the New Year is one of the most enjoyable parts of holiday waiting. In addition to the traditional Christmas tree, gifts and festive table, we usually decorate the windows with paper snowflakes. We suggest you to decorate your house in a new way for this New Year: we will make transparent New Year snowflakes for windows with our own hands and see other beautiful ideas for New Year's decoration of the window.

Today, the focus of our New Year ideas is the window. Even a simple window decor with beautiful paper snowflakes creates the mood of a winter fairy tale in a house, but besides the usual snowflakes we can create a real fairy-tale plot from paper patterns or make spectacular transparent snowflakes.

Beautiful snowflakes in nature are the correct symmetrical figures of ice and make such a snowflake is a snap.

We will need:

  • plain white glue
  • printed snowflake patterns
  • transparent file

We put our scheme in a transparent file and start applying PVA glue along the contour. After the glue dries completely after 12–20 hours, it will become transparent and easily separated from the file.

Even the smallest details of a snowflake are well separated. In order to make the snowflake more interesting, you can use a syringe for drawing and open a bottle of glue for a couple of days to make it more viscous and convenient for drawing a pattern.

In addition to the PVA glue, you can use a transparent building sealant to create large beautiful snowflakes with your own hands.

After being removed from the base, such a snowflake adheres well to the surface of the glass, and if some part sticks loosely to the glass, it is sufficient to wet the back surface of such a snowflake with water.

Traditional paper snowflakes can also effectively decorate our home. See how beautifully snowflakes of various sizes look on the window in combination with a simple house and Christmas trees cut out of paper.

Cutting out a New Year's decor from paper is a fascinating and exciting business. Patterns for snowflakes can be found on the Internet and, using a stationery knife and nail scissors, create a winter fairy tale on your window.

Such Christmas patterns can be decorated as a small window in the children's room, and in the kitchen.

If cutting out patterns from paper is not yours, and patience is not enough, and there is a lot of waste, you can decorate the house with a new year's stencil painting. The stencil will need to be cut out of paper once, and then applying it to the window, paint over the drawing with diluted toothpaste.

If there is little light in the room and you don’t want to darken the window with Christmas patterns, you can use a window sill for paper figures. It is very beautiful when such paper figures are located on the windowsill in several rows - this is how 3-d volume is created, which can be effectively enhanced with a small backlight from the usual Christmas tree garland.

Happy New Year's holidays are not only waiting for a miracle from the outside, pleasant efforts on how to decorate your house for this New Year - a wonderful opportunity to do little New Year's miracles with your own hands.