For a holiday

This is how people all over the world save Christmas trees from cats and dogs.


Holidays - this is a time when no one can be cold-blooded. Emotions overwhelm not only people, but also our pets. The smells of fragrant dishes are spread throughout the house, and the house is filled with guests. And it makes very worried pets. So, do rash and, sometimes, irreparable things ...

Upside down trees and broken balls are unlikely to be a worthy decoration of the living room. Therefore, you need to take care of how to protect the New Year tree from insidious attacks. It is not necessary to close the pet in another room, or to completely abandon the New Year's decor. So that all the decorations and garlands remain whole until next year, think up your own original way of decorating the Christmas tree, inspired by the ideas that the most creative people in the world have come up with.

An interesting solution is to install a barrier around the tree.

Herringbone, do not be offended! This is for your safety!

Walls matter.

Do not neglect the extra space, especially if it is not so easy to reach.

Ceilings - the continuation of this idea.

Who said that the tree would look bad hanging upside down?

Another example of the use of the space of the ceiling.

It seems that this is where she belongs.

It seems that the cat does not even notice what beauty is located above his head.

And it saves the tree.

Pavlov's method in work.

The owner of this cat wore a Santa suit on him every time he tried to climb a tree.

Christmas tree is very tricky owners.

Let not the most fluffy, but can not suffer from cat pranks.

And who really needs a real tree?

This looks no less impressive.

A "Christmas tree from the portal" will not leave guests indifferent.

This option is suitable for pet owners who adore balls and garlands.

They just don’t touch the tree ...

And absolutely cardinal option.

The main thing is for Santa Claus to find an opportunity to put presents under such a tree ...

Out of sight, out of mind!

Minimalism in all its glory.

The main thing is the presence of the tree, and not its size.

And again the fence.

But this dog is so dreamed of Christmas ...

And this dog itself as a tree ...

Herringbone in zero gravity.

It seems that this cat has been unable to leave its place for several hours.

A way that works only on animals with not very long legs.

Original decoration, as an alternative to conifers.

To build such a "tree" is quite easy.

Needles to collect is not necessary, and in the morning it can be useful ...

This is a real test for a cat!

But the decorations are so high!

At the very top.

The dog just does not get it.

Another option "stingy" trees.

You can combine the internal and external space of the room.

And keep the cat inside!

This is not a tree, but an art project.

And his main inspiration.

Option for reinsurers.

Reliable protection!

Package and packaging.

This tree is nothing scary!

Designer approach.

Fear and horror of a cat.

Need to use animal phobias to your advantage!

The highest level security.

Upcoming holidays!