Bright embroidered balls Temari. A real kaleidoscope of geometric design!

Tamari is a very beautiful art of embroidery on balls, which originated in China, and after some time appeared in Japan. Very soon it became a tradition for parents and grandparents, using scraps of old silk kimonos, to create this beauty and give to their children for the New Year. Sometimes parents hid a note inside the temari with a wish for the child, but to say that it is not written in it, if you untie the temari and read the note, it will bring failure. Originally made balls cause children's delight from anyone who sees them. If you understand how the ornament is made, it is difficult to restrain from the desire to create such an unusually beautiful gift for loved ones.

Bells or rice grains can be inserted into these magnificent balls so that it thunders or rings. The main pattern is made of silk and synthetic thread or floss. Sometimes the ball is decorated with a brush of threads and beads.

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Zybkie Temari

There is an excellent workshop on making such balls with your own hands.