Items that could harm you and your loved ones


Dangerous environmental factors haunt us at every turn. We are forced to breathe harmful exhaust gases, be exposed to electromagnetic radiation and eat products grown with the addition of harmful fertilizers. And even if you set yourself the goal of maintaining the best possible healthy lifestyle, the dangers may lie in wait in your own home. Not all harmful things can be completely replaced, but at least some of the harm can be reduced.

Choose home textiles from natural fabrics

Technology strides forward, and to replace the traditional linen tablecloths comes kitchen textiles made from synthetic materials. Teflon tablecloths that look good on the table, are distinguished by a bright pattern, do not get wet and are not afraid of stains, are particularly popular. Unfortunately, the composition of such tablecloths includes a large amount of lead. It is very dangerous, especially should be kept from contact with children and pregnant women. Traditional yo looks not so presentable and requires more care. But with it you will not have to worry about the health of your family.

Do not use disinfectants unnecessarily.

Most of these products contain hazardous ingredients such as triclosan and triclocarban. These substances are carcinogenic and will do more harm than good. Ordinary soap can rid your hands of most harmful bacteria. And if you find yourself in a situation where you can not wash your hands, use alcohol wipes. Perhaps, after using them, your hands will dry out a bit, but the danger to the body will be much less.

Shower curtain must be natural

We are accustomed to plastic curtains in our bathrooms. And it turns out that this accessory is not as safe as it may seem. To soften the material, phthalates are added to the composition of thin plastic, which evaporates at high temperatures, is inhaled and has a negative effect on the body. If you want to feel safe, choose fabric curtains or bamboo fiber screens.

Discard fabric softeners

Although it is very convenient to wash and iron with it, it is better to leave the air conditioner on the shelf in the store. A thin layer of substance, through which things become smooth and silky, constantly in contact with your skin. And this neighborhood does not always benefit her. Air conditioners can cause contact dermatitis, headaches and shortness of breath. Synthetic air conditioners carry the greatest danger when washing children's clothes. If you want things to be soft, just add some white vinegar to the machine.

Use glass and ceramic dishes.

Abandoning the use of plastic containers for food storage is very difficult. Such dishes are suitable for both refrigerators and microwaves. Unfortunately, the composition of most plastic containers include hazardous substances that penetrate our food. The problem is especially acute in violation of the rules for the operation of containers and their late replacement. Glassware, porcelain and ceramics are much safer. If you can not completely abandon the plastic, at least shift the food during heating and often change containers.

Carefully study the label when buying a baby bottle.

Even the budget bottles today do not break on the floor. And instead of a tedious sterilization procedure, mothers can simply warm them in the microwave. Unfortunately, polycarbonate plastic, which makes dishes for the smallest, is not always safe. If it contains bisphenol, a bottle can cause hormonal disorders in a baby. If you do not consider a glass bottle, choose those that are made according to the most stringent production standards.

Print documents in the office

Try not to install a laser printer at home, because the microparticles of its cartridge get into the air and negatively affect the respiratory system. If the printer is installed near your workplace, air the cabinet as often as possible.

Furniture made of pressed sawdust is not safe

Not everyone has the opportunity to buy furniture from the array. But if you choose MDF and particleboard, make sure that the furniture meets European quality standards. Do not buy cheap materials, impregnated with carcinogenic formaldehyde resins and old furniture, which has expired safe service.

Air freshener can be dangerous

Synthetic aerosols contain many toxins. And although it is not easy to do without them, you should not abuse chemicals. In order not to burden your respiratory system once again, replace the usual spray can with a composition of water and essential oil. Fill the house with indoor plants that do a good job with air cleaning. Pay close attention to ventilation.

Choose natural carpets of small sizes

Ticks and harmful bacteria always accompany the carpet, from which it was not made. If your room is covered from wall to wall carpet, it is almost impossible to wash the floor. Synthetic carpets can also have an unsafe lining, including volatile organic matter that can cause headaches and allergies. So it is better to have several small rugs than one very heavy palace, tightly attached to the floor.

Replace the old unsafe mattress

First, sleeping on such is bad for your posture. Secondly, old products contain unsafe polybrominated defenyl ethers that can provoke disorders of brain activity, diseases of the thyroid gland and the reproductive system. If you can not get a new bed, buy at least a mattress. By the way, get enough sleep after that, you will be much better.

Replace plastic with glass

Many products, ranging from juices, to sunflower oil, are sold in plastic bottles. When you open the process of excretion of harmful toxins accelerates. Pour juice, milk and butter into glass for storage. This is especially important for oil that can be stored open for quite some time. Drink water from metal flasks. Thus, the harmful effects of plastic will be minimized.

Instead of a Teflon pan buy a ceramic

Toxic gas released by heating Teflon, enters the food, and then into the body. The most dangerous pans with a damaged surface. Modern ceramic, cast iron or stainless steel frying pans are no less convenient, although they do not have such a dangerous drawback.

Prefer plain toilet paper

Let it not look as presentable as pink with the smell of petals of tropical flowers, but safe. In flavored paper, we meet the familiar phthalates, which penetrate the body, contacting the skin. In addition, you will save considerably and cause less damage to the environment.

Discard products containing vinyl

A comfortable bath mat designed to keep you from slipping may release chlorine and other harmful substances. It is better to put a textile on the floor, and equip the bath with small handrails.