If you want to save time and money, do not cook pasta in boiling water!

"Take a pack of pasta, pour a liter of water into the pan and put the pasta in boiling water" - you will find this well-known phrase on almost any package of pasta or spaghetti. We are also well aware of the disappointment that we experience, waiting for the water to boil and you can start cooking your favorite spaghetti. However, there is another way to save your nerves, time and money!

The next time you use pasta instead of a pan, use ... deep bottom griddle! Yes, yes, that's right. Take a pan with a deep bottom, place the pasta and cover with cold water. Water will be needed less, and cold water will not allow pasta to stick together.

Of course, when the water is not so much as with the usual method of cooking, you will not need to stand for half an hour and wait until the pasta is cooked. It will take much less time.

After your pasta is ready, put them in a large deep plate and do not rush to pour water into the sink. In the same pan, using water after cooking, you can make a very tasty sauce!

And here is a video that shows how a true professional in cooking is cooking pasta in a skillet:

This method will not only save your time, but also the amount of water and electricity. Now you will have more time to enjoy delicious pasta!