Father has been preparing an incredible surprise for his daughter since her birth

Having learned that they will have a child, many couples make some preparations. Some make repairs to convert one of the rooms in the house under the nursery. Others equip all sockets and corners with special protection. Still others believe that first of all you need a good stock of diapers.

But the couple from London, having learned that they will have a daughter, decided to embody an incredible idea. They decided to embody a plan that was supposed to take as long as six years. And the result was donated to her daughter for her birthday.

Before the birth of her daughter, her parents hid an interesting thing in the house. And only at the age of six a girl got a chance to find a surprise.

The whole family took the project very seriously. The girl was offered to start to disassemble the garbage in the old case. Grandmother and mother watched the search process and took pictures of it.

After a long search, throwing away a bunch of old unnecessary things, the girl finally found a paper scroll of a strange look. It seemed like he got here straight from an incredible adventure movie.

It turned out that the baby has a treasure map in her hand! The girl immediately turned to her father to find out if it was a joke. Dad suggested the baby to continue the search, guided by the map.

Looking a bit closer, the girl discovered that the ancient scroll depicted her own home. She went out into the corridor to better navigate. The idea seriously captivated the baby!

Her father helped his daughter understand signs and clues. It turned out that the treasure is right in the girl's bedroom!

Is it possible that in the place where the girl lived until this moment is a real treasure? And what will it be, maybe a chest with gold coins, hidden by an old pirate who lived here many years ago? The girl did not find any treasure. But on the map was a secret room. The girl tried to find a hidden door or secret hole, but rested against the wall. Is it really a dead end?

The father joined in the search, and drew the attention of his daughter to a very unusual sound, which could be heard by tapping the wall in a certain place.

Dad brought a real electric saw, and offered to destroy the wall. The girl did not even suspect that all this had been planned by her parents many years ago.

Having made a hole of the required size in drywall, the father suggested the girl go into the secret room. She was just in the place that was indicated on the map. Parents were anxiously watching the adventures of their daughter.

The girl could not believe her own eyes. There was extra space right next to her room. She lived here for so many years and never noticed him! Near the window, the baby found something very interesting.

Was it a real chest? And what is the treasure he keeps? Ancient coins and original ornaments.

The girl could not believe that her find is real. Parents did not dare to admit that they invented the whole operation for the sake of its entertainment. After all, everything that happened seemed to the baby a real miracle!

The girl could not hide the delight when she showed her find to her mother and grandmother. For several hours she did nothing but look at her treasure. Daddy's idea paid off!

Old pirate story came to life thanks to the excellent imagination of parents. And although the treasures are hardly worth a lot of money, for the baby they have become something very valuable.

And although the girl’s mother and grandmother had long been familiar with most of her “treasures”, and many even helped to collect, they tried not to disappoint the girl, rejoicing with her.

The girl received an incredible surprise that impressed her no less than expensive toys and the latest attractions. The idea of ​​the father to hide the whole room in the house was worth being embodied. The face of the baby at the time of discovery speaks for itself.

Fortunately, the parents managed to fix the treasure hunt on the video. And today everyone can share her delight with the girl. The video inspired parents around the world to surprise their own children.