Design and Architecture

Garden shower - an island of freshness at your cottage


Summer evening is coming to an end and you are tired but happy getting ready for bed. At home you can go to the bath. But in the country it is more difficult to do. Not every garden house is equipped with sewage. You can melt a bath, but you can hardly do it often enough. Equip a comfortable shower in your area to help you relax after a hot day.

Garden shower can be a real decoration of the site, if you arrange it according to all the rules of landscape design.

Complete openness

In some cases, the garden shower may be open. Such a shower is appropriate where there is another full booth. And here you can rinse right in a bathing suit, after visiting the beach.

Light veil

The shower can be light and mobile. Place the hose on a tall tree, complementing it with a sliding canopy on a metal frame.

Swimming in the rain

The unusual design of the sprinkler turns an ordinary shower into a real shower.

Use a wall or fence

Garden shower can be arranged in a corner near a thick fence or wall. Choose the most private place on the site.

Mandatory pool supplement

If you are the happy owner of a swimming pool on the site, do not forget to arrange a shower. Reagents for freshness of the water act on the skin is not the best way, and they must be washed off with clean water.

Cabin around the house

If your house has running water, it is advisable to attach the shower directly to the wall. But take care of moisture protection.

Traditional metal cabin

This decision seems too utilitarian to many. But choosing beautiful colors and complementing the shower with beautiful decorative details, you can create a very cozy atmosphere.

Plumbing in retro style

Shower and faucets made of copper organically fit into the exterior.

Raw wood

The country house allows you to use the most simple materials with minimal processing. Make a rustic-style shower by adding elegant forged details.

Scandinavian design

Natural wood and clean silhouettes work great when designing a sauna. Why not use the same tricks for an open shower?

The easiest solution

If you are not ready to engage in design, mono purchase a finished cabin.