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The best haircuts that go to women after 40


A hairstyle of medium length is exactly what takes into account the peculiarities of the hair and face of women older than forty. It is easy to lay, seeking the desired volume and brilliance. It is not necessary to resort to hard hauling, they add age. Instead, use a few helpful recommendations:

  • Be sure to update the haircut on time. Scruffy ends look untidy and make the hair color dull.
  • Do not forget about moisturizing and nourishing hair masks. It is better to choose styling products not with the most rigid fixation - let the hairstyle look natural.
  • Do not be afraid of gray hair. Today it has become one of the trends. And if you do not decide to leave a natural shade - dye your hair gray. Hairstyle will look elegant and stylish.
  • Choose complex coloring instead of monotonous shades. Such coloring will give hair volume. But the color transition should be soft.
  • Do not be afraid to follow the trends in youth hairstyles. The main thing to choose is not the most radical options with which you will feel comfortable.

Difficult coloring can completely transform the hair. Use different shades of the same color.

Gray color has long ceased to be something shameful. Refresh it with complex coloring and graphic haircut.

Use a combination of light strands and darker hair at the roots. You do not have to worry about the fact that the roots grow too quickly.

Easy styling with a small amount of hair fixing agent will make the hairstyle more natural.

If it is possible for your image, give preference to brighter shades. They will allow you to visually reset a few years.

But if you still prefer to be a brunette, it is better to abandon the shades of the raven wing, choosing a soft color, close to the natural.

Do not give up the bangs. But it is better to give preference to slanting smooth lines that will soften facial features.

Light curls that do not affect the hair roots look better than steep curls.

Elegance is in the details. The most important thing in a hairstyle for a woman after forty is a good hair condition.

Medium length hair can be an interesting alternative to short haircuts. But in this case, you can not forget about styling!

Asymmetry will give shear dynamics.

Do not be afraid of bold combinations.

Volume is required. But try to do without high scores.

Use the effect of burnt strands to achieve a summer mood.

Burgundy color can give age. Use complex staining using several close shades.

Red hair is better to complement the light strands.