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Gorgeous curly roses: make your garden unique

Even the word "rose" makes you remember its wonderful smell. These flowers are beautiful. But if we are talking about climbing roses, an even more picturesque picture emerges in the imagination. With these flowers, you can create majestic garden forms worthy of palace parks. Learn to care for these beautiful flowers, and your garden will be the most beautiful.

The most effective way to arrange curly roses is to build an arch. Put it above the entrance to the plot or on the way to the house. Your guests will have the feeling of a fairy tale as they pass through it.

If you do not have experience with these flowers, start with the most popular varieties. They are easier to clean. For example Rambler roses with lush buds and long sprouts will help to create interesting flower beds.

If you like flower arches, choose such varieties as James Galway, Malvern Hills, Maria Lisa and Reddit Blue.

Sort Gizleyn de Feligond - one of the most popular. It is resistant to low temperatures and diseases. Brought the variety more than a century ago, and since then it has not lost its popularity. The size of the bud in this class is small, but there are many flowers, and they look great in the arches.

Floral arches with roses can be supplemented with honeysuckle. Plants are in harmony with each other. In addition, this arch will have a very bright aroma.

Clematis is another great companion for roses. It should be added to the arch, when the roses are already well established. Clematis is very active and can prevent young roses from settling down. Such a flower bed will retain its beauty longer thanks to a different period of flowering plants.

The basis for the arch can be bought in a gardening shop or made independently. Size can be selected in accordance with the parameters of the site. Can be used as a basis for rose bushes of the structure and part of the house.

Metal arches will make an excellent company forged gates. This decor will give the garden refinement and enhance the fabulous atmosphere.

It is best to choose an arch of sustainable construction that will decorate the garden even when there are no roses on it. This decor can be left in the garden for the whole year.

Make sure you choose the right location for the arch, and the plant has enough sunlight.

Dig the arch deep enough so that it can withstand the gusts of the strongest winds. The ideal option is a concrete foundation with a depth of at least 50 centimeters.

Plant roses on both sides of the arch, leaving space on the sides, which is necessary for laying the bush for the winter. Bushes will need to be protected from frost with a special coating. If the flowerbed will consist of several different plants, roses are planted deeper than the rest. Their root system must be fully formed before adding new floral elements to the composition.

Sit a rose in clay soil. Best of all, it will grow where there were no other colors before. In extreme cases, add a new mineral-rich land.

Plant a rose in the fall so that the plant will stick to the first cold. In the spring you can wait for the first buds. Help the rose to take the desired shape by attaching the first shoots to the arch.

If you want the rose bushes to play the role of a hedge, supplement them with vines. They will create dense plantings that hide your garden from the street or the neighborhood.

A rose should not suffer from a lack of moisture, otherwise the buds will be small. But it is necessary to water the plant only at the very roots, so that the leaves as far as possible remain dry. So the bushes will be less prone to disease.

From early spring to mid-summer, fertilizer can be applied to the soil under rose bushes. Cut off the old branches - they will have very few buds.

Rose bushes are protected from frost by a special shelter. Good burlap or fiberglass. The roots are covered with a layer of spruce branches. The plant must remain dry until the frost subsides.