The peculiarity of this accessory is the interweaving of contrasting details that form the original element of women's clothing.

Such a scarf can knit even an aspiring knitter. After all, to create it, you can use ordinary stocking knitting, alternating rows of purl and facial loops. You can make a long scarf that will be thrown over the head. And you can be short, which simply covers the neck

You will need a yarn of several colors (although you can limit yourself to two, or even one) and circular needles. Knitting such a scarf is a great way to use leftover threads. If you want to link it, but there is nothing in stock, look in stores for special kits for creativity. They often come across small balls of threads of different colors.

Measure the desired length and type the required number of loops on the circular needles. Tie a ring to the desired thickness. There is no sense in tying up a pattern - the ring will be rolled up and only its inside will be visible.

Before knitting the second ring, wrap the spokes so that the new ring intersects with the finished one in two places.

Thus you can complement the scarf with new and new rings. Match colors to your liking. Even two colors create an interesting pattern.

After the scarf is ready, you can fix the positions of the individual rings by stitching them in inconspicuous places. So the accessory will be more dense and voluminous. The summer version of the clamp can be knitted from thin cotton threads.