For home and out: hand weaving

Things made in the technique of hand weaving are difficult to compare with something else. From each product blows warmth and comfort. At the same time, clothes woven on hand-made machines look very neat and elegant. You can meet colored woven clothes on the most fashionable catwalks of the world, or you can do it yourself.

The first step is to choose a machine. It can be both a complex system that allows you to weave large volumes of linen, and very simple devices.

You can do the most primitive framework, including homemade. To create them you need a couple of thin plywood boards and nails.

You can weave small squares, stitching them into larger-scale products, or move the fabric, making a long canvas.

Openwork fabric is obtained with a special arrangement of studs on the machine. It is more convenient to work with a special long crochet.

Frame size can vary greatly. For figure weaving use special rings, allowing you to make a complex pattern. Round rings make very large, on such mats weave.

Weaving has many different uses. And first of all this beautiful clothes, which are often weaved right on patterns.

Style for such things more often choose simple, not involving complex recesses and shapes. After all, every inch of this fabric is very much appreciated, and I don’t want to cut it off.

Woven details are well knit using lace knitting.

Classic straight silhouette in this design will sparkle with new colors.

In one thing you can combine threads of different quality and thickness. This allows you to create interesting effects, making some places almost transparent.

Use yarn and thread of different colors to emphasize the texture of each thing.

This technique involves informal colors and styles.

Create your own works, inspired by the advertising campaigns of fashion houses.

Very effectively look woven things from a yarn of own production.

The easiest way to test a technique is to take on a simple product, such as a scarf or tippet. They are also easiest to enter into your wardrobe, if you are not ready for more daring things.

In addition, weaving will help create a bright and original jewelry.

If you have a large machine or frame at your disposal, take up making interesting home textiles.

Almost as easy to make bright covers on the pillows.

Having gained experience, you can take on complex panels with an interesting pattern.