Unusual and simple types of loom. Some options are just amazing.

The variety of looms is amazing. It can be a very complex device with a special shuttle, or a primitive frame made of a piece of cardboard. And each has its own application. You can weave so many different things that it is even difficult to combine them into a common group. Here are examples of a variety of devices for hand weaving and weaving, and the results of work on them.

Wooden frame with carnations for weaving patchwork mats. Use any old stuff, pre-cut out into long strips.

Weave the mat using a piece of cardboard. You will need to cut the semblance of fringe on both sides of the square and pull vertical threads through the slits. Weave, using them as a base.

You can slightly complicate the same system by adding a few beads to the threads. You will have a great woven bracelet.

If you want the canvas turned out tight, use a rigid frame. For example tubes for cocktails.

It is very convenient to weave items from tapes on a machine made from a peg, something resembling an old rake.

Such a popular hobby as bead weaving can also be considered weaving. And for him there are also special machines that facilitate the work on the creation of beautiful jewelry.

If the desire to weave arose suddenly and does not tolerate delay, you can build a machine from what was at hand. For example, paper sleeves and popsicle sticks!

And even ordinary embroidery hoops will help in this interesting hobby.