Swimwear 2018: what is relevant this season

Beach fashion is changeable. For women, the choice of a swimsuit is no less relevant than the choice of an evening dress. After all, to appear on the beach you need to be fully armed: emphasize advantages, hide shortcomings, even if imaginary, and just feel at your best.

So, this season on the beaches reigns diversity. You can choose for yourself solid and separate models. In this case, both some and others can be frank and not very. Armed with information, choose a swimsuit is not difficult.

Not passing bikini fashion

Nothing superfluous, only miniature swimming trunks, often on ties, and a rather open bodice. Ruffles, embroidery or lace inserts and rhinestones can be a spectacular addition to such models.


In literal translation, "halter" means the clamp. This swimsuit can be solid and separate, open and closed, the main thing in it is the presence of straps, which are tied around the neck.

Tankini again

Fashion or tankini returns with enviable consistency. In fact, it’s not even a swimsuit, but a top with swimming trunks. The top is usually supplemented with sewn cups that support the chest. Not excluded as a push-up effect. Melting at the same time can be a variety of styles: from shorts to strings.

Animal prints

There is something attractive in such swimsuits. These models are not at all like the skins that have become trophies. Rather, they demonstrate a desire to merge with wildlife and become an integral part of it.

Retro style

Vintage is able to look seductive. High melting are the main feature of such models. They can be added with accessories or inserts. In a trend both monophonic models, and motley coloring.


One-piece swimsuit does not have to be closed. Transparent inserts, membranes, deep cuts, all this can hide the excess and at the same time demonstrate the necessary.