Kitchenware with a secret: learn how to use them 100%

Think you know your kitchen one hundred percent? Even if you yourself have selected the equipment and appliances for cooking, some functions of familiar things may pleasantly surprise. And knowing some secrets, cooking and cleaning can be much more effective.

The bottom drawer of the oven can work for you

Most often, this part of the plate is either ignored or taken away for storage of dishes. But the box has its purpose: it is convenient to keep food warm without overdrying it. Still here you can heat the plates, which is important when serving some dishes.

Adjust to any microwave

To understand the power of a particular unit, refer to the data printed on the front or back of the stove.

Never lock your fridge to capacity!

Such behavior can lead to the fact that all your stocks will very quickly become worthless. For good food preservation, free air circulation is required in the chamber. But the freezer can be filled quite tightly, so long as the door closes well.

Optimum load dishwasher

Despite the assurances of advertising, the hardest thing to wash off the dishes is not fat, but the remnants of carbohydrate foods. Place the plate in which there was macaroni or porridge in the central part, where the water pressure is greatest.

Each has its own function

Solid dry food is better to grind in a food processor, and soft and watery send in a blender. It is better not to overload the second device, or grind solid vegetables with liquid.

Potato Peeler Work on Sink

You should not consider this device as an ordinary knife. Movement should be made only "from myself", so the skin will be thinner. Only this method is considered correct and safe, although it involves the collection of waste directly into the sink.

Do not do extra work

Wash the garlic before you put it in the press. But to clean it is not necessary, all the excess will remain in the device.

Unusual knife needed for cutting soft vegetables

A sharp serrated blade can easily cope with the peel, and a “fork” at the end is needed to pry off a slice.