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The secret of marble manicure at home: so easy that you want to do now

Marble manicure looks just fine and nontrivial. And most importantly - you can experiment with colors and patterns as you want! It all depends on your imagination and desire.

So, for a marble manicure, prepare:

  • heated water;
  • a container that you don’t mind throwing away after a manicure (for example, a paper cup made from coffee);
  • at least 3 varnishes of different colors, combined with each other;
  • toothpick or pencil;
  • cotton swabs and nail polish remover;
  • scotch tape or tape.

We start manicure:

1. Heat a little water in the microwave - about 10-20 seconds, so that it is warm. Pour it into the tank for work.

2. Start making a base for the pattern. Add a drop of the first varnish to the water from the tip of the brush - it will spread strongly over the surface.

3. Add more second varnish.

4. Then - the third to the center.

5. Return to the first one. Repeat the procedure in a circle two or three times.

6. Use a pencil or toothpick to create an interesting pattern on the water surface.

7. Seal the area around the nail with scotch, as far as possible.

8. At an angle (nail forward) dip a finger. While the finger is in the water, with a pencil or toothpick, remove the rest of the varnish to the side so that it does not spoil the drawing when you lift your finger.

9. Pour out the water and repeat the procedure with drawings on the water surface of the varnish for each nail (or one accent ring finger, for example). Thus, not a lot of lacquer leaves, because you add it drop by drop.

10. Varnish is a little beyond the nail. Use a cotton swab and nail polish remover to gently remove the unwanted part.

And admire the result!