The master

Practical mats - self-contained interior decoration

Hand-made mats are a special decoration. In addition to the aesthetic component and thoughtful functionality in such products remains a piece of the soul of the skilled workers. Large and small, dense and openwork, thought out to the smallest detail, they perfectly fit into the interior. Ways to create an exclusive weight rug. They can be woven, knitted, assembled on the principle of a puzzle, and even drawn.

Stencil to help

There can be as many options as possible for a rug painted by one’s own hands: from imitation of zebra to oriental ornaments.

New life of old things

Do not rush to write off rags outdated or worn out clothing. It is better to turn piles of old t-shirts, tights or pants into practical rugs or tracks.

With hook in hand

For those who know how to knit napkins, creating a rug will seem like child's play. To work went faster it is worth taking a hook and thread thicker.

Volume mazes and not only

If for some reason you are tired of a carpet with a long nap, it is easy to turn it into an exclusive. All you need is to glue a part of the carpet with adhesive tape or a template with a selected pattern of self-bonding, and then use a clipper to create volume.

Oh, those pixels!

Collecting puzzles is an exciting experience. Making rugs is no exception.

A little effort and the tablecloth turns ...

... into a chic carpet. To give the product strength, you can use a lining of polyurethane. Durable fabric paint has also not been canceled.

No, we will not go to the mountains - we’d better weave the carpet

Magnificent durable rugs are obtained from climbing accessories. Of course, climbing rope is not the cheapest option, but the result is worth it.

Here are just a few options to create rugs worthy of your attention. In fact, they are much more. It is not necessary to copy any of the suggested motifs completely. Just grasp the idea, turn on the fantasy and come up with something of your own.