Comfort and convenience: features of the location of the sofa in the kitchen

In the old days, residents of standard apartments could only dream of a soft corner in the kitchen. Modern housing of an extended layout allows you to complement traditional kitchen furniture with a cozy sofa. Choose the option that is suitable for your room.

For a wide kitchen, the shape of which is as close to the square as possible, this option is perfect. Use the sofa instead of several chairs, setting a dining table for it.

That is how you can arrange the furniture in a long narrow kitchen. The dining area with a sofa is located closer to the window. Take care that there is an additional source of lighting over the stove and sink.

If the floor space allows, you can choose this option. Put the back of the sofa to the kitchen island, and around the working area. This arrangement is suitable for studios in which the kitchen and living room are combined.

The sofa does not have to be part of the dining area, it is quite possible to put it separately. Place it, for example, in front of the TV. A great option for a one-room apartment with a spacious kitchen.