The thinnest cotton curtains, Kisea: 30 models for different rooms

Yarn curtains, despite their prevalence in stores, are rarely seen in houses and apartments. The fact is that the owners think that such curtains do not save from the sun rays at all. Indeed, for the most part, muskets are very thin, but her task is, first of all, the decor of the room. In addition, glue often combined with the usual thick curtain. With a thread curtain, you can unobtrusively separate the kitchen from the dining room or living room, wall the bed in the bedroom, highlight the work area, and so on. Cotton bed curtains are also decorated with headboards, doorways, windows and walls. They fit perfectly in almost any interior, thanks to a wide variety of assortment in the store. Today, it is not difficult to find a Kiseyu to your taste We offer to look at 30 examples of how the cotton curtains were used in the interiors of different rooms: