How to make a simple and beautiful decoration for any cake for the holiday!

In this workshop we offer to get acquainted with an interesting and simple way to quickly decorate any cakes.


cake, which will decorate
a small amount of butter cream remaining after cake preparation
chocolates or white chocolate icing
sugar confectionary balls of suitable color
food coloring

small spatula or table knife
pastry bag for cream
baking parchment paper
small bowls or round plastic containers
black marker
To create a stunning spring cake whose decoration is inspired by a flowering garden, we will use a few simple ingredients, as well as tools that every woman in the house probably has.

This method can also be used to decorate small cupcakes.



Draw a black marker on the waxed baking paper and draw the contours of the petals for the future flower in the shape of ordinary triangles. Petals should be of three sizes. The size of the largest pick, depending on the diameter of the cake, which are going to decorate. For example, for a cake with a diameter of 15 cm, shown in the photo, petals 10 cm, 7.5 cm, 5 cm long were used.
Cut out all the patterns of the petals, leaving 1.5 cm of free space around the contour.


Melt the chocolate or glaze in a heat-resistant container, add a few drops of the desired colorant into it and mix thoroughly until smooth.


Before applying the chocolate, turn the pieces of parchment paper down with the side on which you drew a marker. Use a small spatula or table knife to apply the melted chocolate on the petal pattern. Work from the tip and towards the base of the triangle, intentionally leaving lines and crests on the surface of the melted chocolate. The base of the triangle will be the outer edge of your petal. Try to make the edge of the petal a little "ragged", and not in the form of a solid line. This will give the flower greater realism.


While the petal is still dry, place it in a bowl or plastic container with a smooth concave edge to give it shape. Use scotch to secure the petal in the right place until it is completely dry. Do this with all the petals. If possible, make 1-2 additional parts of different sizes in case a petal breaks during operation.


After the petals are completely dry, separate the parchment paper from them. Place the largest petals in a circle on top of the cake.


Fill a pastry bag with a small amount of butter cream. Do not worry if the color of the cream is different from the color of the petals - this will not be noticeable upon completion of the work. Using cream, attach the second and third layer of petals to the cake.

Take some matching sugar confectionery balls and stick them in the center of the flower with a small amount of melted chocolate used to make the petals.


Use sugar balls to decorate the sides of the cake. And let the product harden well, after which you can serve.